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EOS 2022 Annual Congress On Demand

Session recordings available online until 2 October 2022

Virtual Event

Virtual packages

1) Full congress (14 hours of content)

2) Topic of choice:

  • Free topics (7 hours of content)
  • Multidisciplinary treatment (2 hours of content)
  • New technologies (4 hours of content)

3) Postgraduate course on cephalometrics (5 hours of content)


  • Full congress = 14 hours of CPD
  • Free topics = 7 hours of CPD
  • Multidisciplinary treatment = 2 hours of CPD
  • New technologies = 4 hours of CPD
  • Postgraduate course = 5 hours of CPD

The virtual sessions include the recordings of the Houston Oral Presentations and the 2022 Awards Ceremony.


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EOS 2022 Distinguished Teacher Lecture: The challenge of anterior open bite

Oral Health Programme

Live session: 18 March 2022, 16:00-19:30 CET

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3 CPD Points Available


Prof Stavros Kiliaridis, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

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