Who We Are


The current EOS Council is listed below

Vaska Vandevska-Radunovic

President 2023

Demetrios Halazonetis

President Elect 2024

Piotr Fudalej

President Elect 2025

Finn Geoghegan

President Elect 2026

Adriano Crismani

President Elect 2027

Mauro Cozzani

President Elect 2028

Dirk Bister
(United Kingdom

Honorary Secretary

Fraser McDonald
(United Kingdom)

Honorary Treasurer

Bärbel Kahl-Nieke

Past President

Olivier Sorel

Past President

Christodoulos Laspos

Past President

Lorraine Barreto
(United Kingdom)


Theodore Eliades (Switzerland)


Yijin Ren


David De Franco

President of EBO (co-opted)

Melissa Disse

President of EFOSA (co-opted)

Guy Willems

President of NEBEOP (co-opted)

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