Annual Congress

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EOS Annual Congress 2025

2-6 June 2024

Krakow Congress Centre (ICE)


Professor Piotr Fudalej


  • To be confirmed

Congress Organisers

TFI Lodestar Ltd (UK) and Symposium Cracoviense


E: [email protected]

T: +44(0)2078085623

Upcoming Events

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Innsbruck, Austria

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EOS Annual Congress 2028

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Genoa, Italy

President: Dr Mauro Cozzani

EOS Annual Congress 2029

June 2029

The Netherlands

President: Professor Yijin Ren

EOS Annual Congress 2030

June 2030

Ljubljana, Slovenia

President: Dr Jasmina Primozic

EOS Annual Congress 2031

June 2031

London, United Kingdom

President: Dr Lorraine Barreto

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