DW Lingual Systems

White Paper – Objective treatment outcome assessment of a completely customized lingual appliance: A retrospective study


DW Lingual Systems was founded in 2011, and has established itself as the market leader for completely customised lingual appliances. The company focuses on the continuous enhancement, manufacture, and sale of the WIN System. The high-tech design is made in Germany and combines reliability with the highest aesthetics.

The WIN System allows the orthodontic correction of malocclusions in children, adolescents, and adults. The System corrects even the most complex tooth misalignments in a fast and measurable way.
The appliance is fitted to the inside surface of the teeth and so is completely invisible to other people . As a result, it is not only extremely appealing aesthetically; it also offers a critical clinical advantage: since the enamel is more robust on the lingual tooth surface, WIN System treatments are much more gentle on the teeth when compared to traditional labial braces. In contrast to removable appliances, which only move the teeth by applying pressure to the crowns, fixed lingual braces allow pressure to be applied to the root of the tooth, thus positioning the entire tooth perfectly.

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