2021 Award Winners


We are pleased to share the experiences of our 2021 prize winners!

Submissions are now open for the EOS2022 Annual Congress in Limassol, Cyprus – click here.

Dr Alexandra Papadopoulou

Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sidney

Awarded a European Orthodontic Society Best Scientific Poster Award at the Annual Virtual Conference 2 – 3 July 2021

I had the opportunity to submit two of our research groups’ projects for the 2021 virtual conference of the European Orthodontic Society. The portal used for submitting our work provided explicit details and had extremely straight forward steps that successfully guided us in completing the uploading of all information related to our work.

Presenting our research outputs as posters gave us the opportunity to communicate with the rest of the scientific community important findings that can be implemented for better practice and subsequently better patient care. The dissemination of our research work also gave us the delightful experience of receiving 2 awards and broadening the network of collaborations with experts in various fields.

Mai-Linh Tran

Teaching Hospital Assistant Lecturer at the Université De Lorraine

Awarded the European Orthodontic Society Professor W.J.B. Houston Oral Research Award at the Annual Virtual Conference 2 – 3 July 2021

It was quite an experience participating in this unprecedented EOS online congress. The submission process was rather straightforward, the instructions to submit the abstract – then the poster – very clear and the website quite easy to use. And once the poster was accepted, the EOS team was kind, helpful and attentive. Ms La Torre especially responded very quickly and thoroughly to any issue I was faced with.

The poster being the result of a three-year study, it felt rewarding to be judged by key European orthodontists and to witness the interest the European Orthodontic Society showed for materials science. It was actually quite impressive to answer in-depth questions asked directly by Professor Fraser McDonald, who chaired the Houston presentations, and I was glad I could also speak to the other candidates and watch their presentations as well. I enjoyed discovering the works of other teams and sharing this experience with fellow junior researchers from all over the world.

I was grateful to be able to present the kind of research that can be done in my University and to shed some light on certain aspects of our profession that are less addressed during initial training – and even later on. I hope as an assistant lecturer that I will keep developing my knowledge in the various orthodontic fields and that I will be able to share it with as many students and peers as possible in the future. This is only the beginning!

Paula Sinnott

Senior Orthodontic Registrar at Bristol Dental Hospital (Research previously carried out in the Eastman Dental Hospital, London)
Awarded the European Orthodontic Society Professor W.J.B. Houston Oral Research Award at the Annual Virtual Conference 2 – 3 July 2021

Winning the Houston Research Award was a fantastic feeling. I was so delighted to be able to increase awareness of psychological support for orthognathic patients at a European level, after working extremely hard on this project. I am honoured to have been awarded this and feel really grateful to my research supervisors who were incredibly supportive.

My experience with the event itself was very enjoyable. Noemi (the project manager) was very helpful and made sure that the event went smoothly. I enjoyed being able to interact with the chair (Professor Fraser McDonald), the Q&A session particularly enhanced the session where I felt that we had a good amount of engagement, and the attendees were able to gain more knowledge as a result.

This event definitely helped me to increase my confidence and improve my presentation skills. I was excited for the opportunity to present my research which could enhance patient care at a European level. I feel this will be beneficial moving forward especially after the recognition that this award has given me and I am very grateful to the EOS for providing me with this opportunity.

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